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What does The Equity Compensation Specialist do?

The Equity Compensation Specialist provides organizations and individuals independent advice in regard of equity compensation. In addition to this, The Equity Compensation Specialist provides interim services and gives training and presentations on the subject of equity compensation.

Do you have your own consultancy firm?

Do you have your own consultancy firm, but do you lack knowledge and experience with regard to equity compensation? The Equity Compensation Specialist will gladly assist your organization on a freelance basis, so that your clients are well served in your name for reasonable fees.

What is equity compensation?

Equity compensation is compensation that is provided by means of shares, for example, employee stock options and free shares for management and personnel. Equity compensation is mainly provided by organizations with capital that is divided into shares, such as public limited companies.

Equity compensation goes by many different names, such as share plans, share incentives, equity incentives, long-term incentives and deferred compensation. These are just a few of the terms that are used to refer to the same phenomenon. I prefer to use the term "equity compensation".

Why equity compensation?

Equity compensation is a good way to offer your management and personnel compensation that is dependent upon the success of your organization as expressed in the value of its shares. With equity compensation your organization has a reward instrument in hand that is well appreciated by your management and personnel and which can lead to substantial value creation if your organization is successful and the instrument is properly deployed. Besides this, equity compensation does not necessarily require cash for pay-out, so that your organization can save money which can then be used for other purposes.

Why The Equity Compensation Specialist?

Many organizations lack the necessary knowledge and experience with regard to equity compensation. The Equity Compensation Specialist gladly offers your organization that knowledge and experience. Equity compensation touches many fields of expertise within your organization, such as Human Resources, Legal, Accounting, Tax and Administration. The Equity Compensation Specialist has extensive experience and thorough knowledge in all those fields. For this reason, The Equity Compensation Specialist can to advise and support your organization independently for very reasonable fees.

Would you like to make my acquaintance?

If you would you like to make acquaintance, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to meeting you!

Oscar Leal
The Equity Compensation Specialist

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